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Mahogany Ink was established  in the Spring of 2003. It’s humble beginnings as a small womans writing team transforming the stories ideas of everyday people into movies quickly expanded as independent production companies increased demand for quality film and video treatments and full script services.

Former dancer and model Shavon Brown-Robinson, has a knack for wearing many hats. This freelance internet and media analyst has a proven track record of corporate excellence that has taken her frPageLines- Shev-Promo-Pic.gifom Executive Assistant to CEO of her own virtual assistant business and finally to COO and VP of Creative Development at Mahogany Ink. In addition to a major motion picture and a reality show in development, this working wife and mother of four also chronicles her unique view on life, love and family in her blog “I Just Want to Be Superwoman”



PageLines- Felicia-Promo-2.gifFelicia Martin, aka “Fee” is a proud graduate of the Florida State University. The clever wordsmith obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English, setting the groundwork for her future collaboration with Mahogany Ink a consulting firm that provides script services to independent filmmakers and production companies. Her sharp wit has also extended to stand-up comedy which she describes as “the most terrifying experience of her life”, she offers, “I learned a lot about myself as a writer during this nerve-racking time. My personal philosophy on business is ‘Dream Big, Work Hard, Reward Yourself’. Whether you are in the midst of pursuing your dream, or toiling every day to make the dream last once realized, always work and make time to spoil yourself. Work at a coffee shop while trying to be an actress, work on your brand after your first hit movie, vacation at all the hot spots rappers talk about in songs. Hello thank you Diddy for St. Tropez! The more days you can remember with a smile on your face, the better life will be.” Felicia is currently the host of “Reality and Relationships” Radio Show. She is currently working on her one woman show and other writing projects with her partners at Mahogany Ink as well as finishing up the re-release of her debut novel, Some Things We Just Don’t Talk About and the sequel entitled Sorry For What.

Check out the Reality & Relationships Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/realityandrelationships

and follow her on twitter @yourgirlfee

Micheale Washington is a writer and script consultant based out of Miami, Florida

mwbw-promoand is the managing director of Mahogany Ink a consulting  firm that provides writing services to independent filmmakers and production companies. Micheale a proud graduate of the University of Miami Film Program BS(c) has over ten years’ experience as a writing consultant and casting assistant on such films based out of Miami as Bad Boys I & II, Holy Man, Any Given Sunday and Miami Vice (remake). She also has worked with several modeling agencies including Unique Casting, Michelle Pommier Modeling and Talent Agency, Ford Models and International Model & Talent Agency (IMTA).  The Forgotten Father , Micheale’s first feature was produced by Niterboys Entertainment and directed by Perry Cassagnol. The film which  premiered at the Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale, FL won Best Drama Feature at the New York International Independent Film &Video Festival. The Forgotten Father was also featured in the Reggae Film Festival in Kingston Jamaica in 2009 sponsored by the Jamaican Film Academy. Micheale is actively collaborating with actors, directors and producers on new projects.



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